Kanye West shower rumor monger, Julia Fox, with expensive clothes

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Kanye West recently went over above while buying apparel for her rumored partner Julia Fox.

Oh how fast they move forward! After a long and drawn-out process of divorce from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, it was reported at the end of December 2021 that the couple would still proceed with their divorce which was made public in February 2021. On December 13, 2021, Kanye's ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, submitted legal documents that would have made her 'officially single' once signed by a judge. It didn't help that, in response to her position, Kanye bought a $ 4.5 million home in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, which made her and Kim neighbors. But it turns out that the Donda founder has already left her breakup with Kim behind, just for the new year!

According to TMZ, on New Year's Eve in Miami, Kanye West uncut James had wine and dinner with star Julia Fox, praising Kanye for his generosity and his "fun to be around" kind of energy. He described Kanye as party life and entertained his friends with a smile from ear to ear.

After their love affair on New Year's Eve, the two flew to New York City the next day and tied the knot in a Broadway production of Slave Play. And once they saw the live performance, they went to have dinner at Carbon, one of the most high-end Italian-American restaurants in New York City.

While taking in the retro-glam atmosphere of the restaurant, Julia Fox said that Kanye conducted a complete photoshoot of herself and the rapper, apparently enjoying each other's company. But after dinner, Julia wasn't ready to give him a present because Kenny was going to shower her. It was so amazing to him that he thought it was "a real Cinderella moment". But what could be a more Cinderella moment than a night out with the richest rapper and producer in the entertainment business? Try a hotel suite full of expensive outfits like Balenciaga, the way he drew his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

While this may seem like a kind gesture to shower your potential boyfriend with a gift, for some it may be too early. Could it be that pictures of her and Julia on stage and expensive clothes on the hotel floor are trying to attract Kim's attention? Many believe this to be true, especially since Kim fled on her own with her new partner, comedian Pete Davidson. TMZ recently reported that the two have shared their first vacation in the Bahamas and both are feeling quite comfortable in each other's presence. Let's hope this is not a risky rebound game for both parties!


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